Shungite Elite Crystal Powerful Crystals Mineral Bottle Sealed Protection Spell


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Protection Spell Ingredient

Bottles Dust/Particles Keepsake
Here We Have Bottle Shungite From The Manufacture Of Sculpted Items,
We Do Not Waste Anything.
Particle Size Can Vary.

We Pick At Random For You
Packed Well For Transport
We Advise You Not To Open These
Are A Quirky Gift Of Genuine Shungite

Shungite Is Elementary Noncrystalline Carbon With A Metastable Structure Incapable Of Graphitization,
It Is Also Used As A Term To Describe A Sequence Of Metamorphic Rocks From The Karelia Region Of Russia Containing Such Carbon.
Trace Amounts Of Fullerenes (0.0001 < 0.001%) Have Been Reported From Such Rock (Mosin & Ignatov, 2013). Shungite Has A Biogenic Origin. Originally Described From Shun'Ga Area, Shun'Ga Village, Onega Lake, Karelia Republic, Northern Region, Russia. Wax Dipped Seal Please Note That This Is Handmade With Natural Crystals Formed Over Millions Of Years And Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections. This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is Completely Unique And So May Differ From The Pictures Shown, All Are Reiki Charged By Our Own Practitioner. And Will Be Cleansed Ready For Use (Many Still Do This Themselves) This Does Not Affect The Healing Properties In Any Way. One Supplied Export And Customs Please Note We Are Not Responsible For Your Customs Fees. All Cn22 And Cn23 Forms Are Filled Out Direct From Ebay. (With Every Delivery Company Used Depending On Your Order) We Will Post Your Item With All Paperwork And Once Posted It Is Your Responsibility For The Fee To Be Paid.

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