Shungite 40 mm Point Obelisk Handheld Protection Purse, Bag. House Mineral x 1


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Shungite 40 Mm Point Obelisk –
Handheld Protection – Purse, Bag.
House Mineral

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Shungite History.
Shungite Is An Ancient Rock Formation,
A Natural Mineral Of Unusual Composition And Structure.
It Has Unique Properties And It Is Extracted In The Zazhoginsky Deposit In Karelia, Russia

People In The Region Have Always Used Shungite In Their Water
And Seen Its Benefits For Centuries Without Fully Understanding The Reason Why.

Science Of Shungite
Shungite Is 30 Times More Effective Than Carbon In Removing Harmful Substances From Water.
This Includes Substances Such As Heavy Metals And Other Contaminants Often Found In Drinking Water.

Another Exciting Discovery About Shungite In Recent Years Was That It
Contains Pure Carbon Atoms Called “Fullerenes”,
These Are Soccer Ball Like Molecules That Give This Stone Its Absorbing,
Neutralizing, Antioxidant And Purifying Properties.
These Unique Molecules Are Also What Scientists Believe Give
Shungite The Ability To Protect From Emf Radiation.

Shungite – A??The Stone Of Transformationa?? Miracle Stone, Stone Of Life, Healing, Protection, Alchemy, Grounding, Emotional Balance, Healing, Spiritual, Metaphysical Abilities, Raise Vibration.
It Is Known To Be A Very Powerful Stone That Is Said To Be The A??Miracle Stonea?? Or A??The Stone Of Life, Also Known For Its Incredible Healing And Protection Properties.
Shungite Can Be The Stone Of Transformation, Because It Is The Stone Of Superpowers, The Stone Of Alchemy, And Due To Its Amazing Properties, It Is Unlike Any Other Stone And Is An Ancient Stone, Believed To Be Almost 2 Billion Years Old.
Assists In Evolving Spiritually And Can Restore Emotional Balance.
Powerful Protective Stone.

Can Help Shield The Wearer From Negative Energies Of All Kinds, And Can Help The User To Remove Negative Energies And Thoughts.
It Is Claimed That Can Also Shield From Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (Emfs) From Cell Phones, Computers, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Tvs And The Like.
Provides Healing On All Levels, Mental, Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual.
Can Help The User To Raise Their Vibration And Also Grounds Energies To The Earth.

Clears And Balances The Aura And Chakras, As Well As Working Well On All Chakras Also.
Enhances Metaphysical Abilities.

The Extremely Dark Colour Of Shungite Makes It The Ideal Stone For Practices Surrounding Hiding From Bad Luck.
Because Of Its Electricity-Conducting Properties, It Is Also Suitable As An Amplifier In Magic And Meditation –
If You Are Working On Focussing Your Mental Energy Towards A Specific Goal, Shungite Can Act As A Conductor Of Your Energy,
And Drive It More Strongly Towards Your Desired Outcome.

A??Shungite Cures, Rescues, Purifies, Heals, Protects, Normalizes, Restores And Even Stimulates The Growth.
It Kills And Devours Anything That Harms People And Other Living Beings, And Concentrates And Restores All That Is Good.
The Scholars Who Have Studied Shungite In One Voice Declare, It Is A Miracle!” From The Book By A. Doronina “Shungite – The Stone-Saviora??

The Above Info Is Taken From Many Books And Papers.
Both Scientific And Non From What We As Sellers And Collectors Have Read.

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