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Body Jewellery.

All our body jewellery is sized exactly. We rely on you to know the size you require. All body jewellery is non-returnable. We do not recommend you use our body jewellery on new, unhealed piercings; always wait until they are totally healed. All piercings will, at some point, become infected. Always sterilise your new piece before inserting; remember, as humans, we are only supposed to have the holes we are born with. Please contact us if you require any information that is not listed on your product. There are  many types of nose fixing styles, Ball End, Straight (L Bendable) Curl, and Fishtail. Please be sure of the kind you require. Any info not listed on your product that you wish to know please contact us. – See our product pages for great deals

Gauge Size.

Gauge, denoted as “g,” is a measurement used in body jewelry. Higher gauge numbers, such as 16, indicate thinner jewelry, while smaller numbers, like 6, represent thicker pieces. This inverse relationship can be confusing; smaller gauge numbers mean larger thickness. For example, if advised to choose a larger gauge than 14, opt for 12 or 10, not 16. Remember, when it comes to gauges, bigger around corresponds to a smaller number, adding a layer of complexity to the sizing system.

What is AB on Nose Studs.

The Special effect ‘AB’, or Aurora Borealis, is a special coating bonded to the outer surface of the Crystal that gives off a rainbow like effect. The Coloured Crystals with this added coating give off an added dimension to the base colour.
AB crystals, were named after the Northern Lights, AB treatments were invented by Swarovski back in 1956, in partnership with Christian Dior. – 

Precious Metals.

All our gold and 925 sterling silver are 100% genuine. All are supplied through registered wholesalers and artisans from around the world. All silver will tarnish, and you will need to clean it regularly. Please be sure of the metal you are happy with, note 925 Sterling Silver is Anti-microbial.

Our Gemstone.

All our stone comes from direct traders. To get the deals we offer, we try to cut out the middleman. We have traded in gemstones for over 30 years combined. We sell only genuine crystal and minerals.


All of our products meet or exceed industry standards. Any tie cord item requires you to knot the end to the length you require. We are not responsible for items lost due to them coming untied. Because of the wide range of symbols we sell its better to seek the meaning on google, as the info is so wide we rather you make your own mind up on the meanings.


How to use your pendulum.

Pendulums can be used to channel the subconscious to help you answer those questions you had on your mind for some time. Any question can be answered within reason.
By the use of a pendulum, and here a brief explanation on how to do it.

Firstly, you will need to establish which way the pendulum will swing for ‘yes’ and which way for ‘no’.

To do this hold the chain of the crystal in a steady hand, and ask the pendulum a simple a ‘Truth’ Question; for example, Am I a girl? / Is my Hair Brown?
Or any other question with a simple yes or no answer which of course you know the answer to already.
The pendulum should swing; note which way it moves for yes and which way for no.
A circular or diagonal swing is often taken to mean ‘don’t know’.
Now ask the pendulum questions that you would like to know the answer to.

 Sage – Smudge.

There are many different types of sage, but the most common is White sage, also known as California sage. Desert sage, known as shaman sage, is more potent for rituals and has a woody structure with smaller leaves. Yerba santa is also known as bear’s weed; this is a very strong smudge. We sell many kinds of sage (smudge). Google their applications for more information. All these are available in the tier discount we offer on site. 

Note – The healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are not prescriptions or health care information

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