Kyanite A1 Blue Natural Raw Rough Crystal Mineral Specimen Stone Kp6 – 45 gr


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The Specimen In The Photos Is The One On Sale.
A1 Blue, Very Nice

Natural Crystals Have Formed Over Millions Of Years And Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections.
This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is Completely Unique

The Kyanite In The Advert Here Is Totally Raw, Direct From The Extraction.
Not Cleaned. 100% Natural And Sent To You Uncleansed.

The Information Below Is Readily Available On Any Google Search.

Helps Balance The Yin Yang.

Kyanite Is One Of The Most Attractive Blue Minerals In Nature.
It Sometimes Exhibits Intense Shades Of Blue, Or Even Multiple Shades With Colour Zoning In A Single Crystal.
The Colour Of Kyanite, Combined With Its Well-Formed And Sometimes Large Crystals,
Make This Mineral Appreciated By Both Novice And Expert Collectors Alike.
The Luster Of Kyanite From Certain Localities Is Sometimes Enhanced
By Oiling Specimens Or Applying Them With Synthetic Lubricants.
Legitimate Dealers Should Disclose This Practice
If They Are Selling Treated Kyanites.

Kyanite Is Strongly Anisotropic, Meaning It Has A Different Hardness Depending On The Angle.
In Fact, It Is The Most Well-Known Anisotropic Mineral.
The Vertical Hardness Of Kyanite Ranges From 4.5 To 5.5, And Horizontal Hardness From 6 To 7.
Kyanite Is Named From The Greek Term Cyanos,
Which Means Deep Blue, Alluding To The Typical Color Of This Mineral.

Kyanite Inspires Loyalty And Fair Treatment To Others. It Assists In Working Through Disagreements And Disputes,
And Can Aid In Repairing Damaged Relationships.
It Is Beneficial In Negotiations, Diplomatic Missions, Arbitration And Other Forms
Of Communication Between Disharmonious People, Allowing Disparate Energies To
Move Into Resonance And Find A Common Frequency. [Simmons, 224][Ahsian, 224]

In The Workplace, Kyanite Promotes Good Communication, Bridging The
Gap Between Different Beliefs And Ideas,
And Encourages Self-Expression And Speaking One’S Truth.
Hold Or Wear Kyanite When Addressing A Group, Or Leading A Seminar Or Team Meeting.
It Sharpens Communication Skills, And Is Particularly Helpful When Answering
Questions Or When There Is A Need To Improvise. [Hall, 167][Eason, 225][Ahsian, 224]

For Those Who Have Lost Their Way In Life, Or Are Trying To Break A Cycle Of Self-Destructive Behavior,
Use Kyanite In An Empowerment Grid To Get Back On Track.
Lay Out Rows Of Small Kyanite Blades Radiating From A Central Kyanite In Six Different Directions.
Use Each Night To Walk A Different Path In The Mind, Letting Images And Ideas Take Form Spontaneously.
Continue Until You No Longer Need The Grid. [Eason, 225]

To Access Forgotten Childhood Memories Or To Recall A Word Or Name That Eludes You,
Touch The Center Of Your Brow With Kyanite. [Eason, 225]


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