Shiva’s Eye Agate Gemstone Unique Small Crystal Protection Stone Boxed Gemstone


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These Small Sized Eyes Are Approx 1 Cm Long And 1 Cm High Approx
Please Note That They Do Vary A Little In Sizes.

An Unusual Form Of Agate With Concentric Colors In A Circular Pattern.
Commonly They Wash Up On Riverbanks In India And Are Carved Into The Shape Of An Eye.
Many Are Used For Protection. Enhances Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Extrasensory Perceptions,
Imagination, And Concentration, They Maintain A Connection To The Earth.

The Shivas Eye Agate Stabilizes Auras, Clears Challenging Energies, And Transforms Negativity.
Used On The Third Eye To Ward Of Vastu Dosha

Third Eye Agate Also Helps To Open & Stimulate The Third Eye/Brow Chakra.
It Is An Excellent Stone To Carry If You Work In The Psychic Arts Or Are Looking To Develop Your Intuition.

Agate Eyes Properties.
Agate Eyes Are Most Often Found In Agate Nodules, Which Are Usually Created When Silica Precipitates In The Rock Cavity.
These Cavities Can Be In The Form Of Lava Flows, Fractures In The Rock Layers, Or Fossils That Have Dissolved Over Time.
When The First Silica Layers Have Been Deposited In The Cavity Walls, Round Droplets Of Silica Gel Begin Forming In The Walls.
They Crystallize And Additional Layers Form, Creating A Concentric Eye Pattern.

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