Elephant Jasper Merkaba Star Miriam Crystal Healing Meditation Myriam Stone Uk


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Energy Charged Reiki Crystal
Chakra Merkaba Star, Natural Crystal
Myriam Stone
All Different Colour Chosen At Random

You Will Receive One Unique Merkaba Crystal Star; These Merkaba Stars Are Hand Cut In India.

Please Note That This Is Hand Made With Natural Crystals Formed Over Millions Of Years
Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections.
This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is Completely Unique And So May Differ
From The Pictures Shown Slightly. This Does Not Affect The Healing Properties In Any Way
They Can Differ In Size Slightly So Please Be Aware.

Each Merkaba Will Be Reiki Charged As One Of Our Numbers Has Practiced For Many Years..

There Are Many Ways To Recharge And Use A Merkaba, However As You Are Searching Out A Merkaba Star
You Must Interested In Learning About Them, We Recommend The Various Sites So Please Research.

What Does The Name Merkaba Mean?

The Egyptians Translation Of Merkaba Is Broken Down By Syllable To Mean:

Mer – Rotating Fields Of Light / Ka – Spirit / Ba – Soul.

The Merkaba Is Believed To Achieve Transformation On All Levels Of Existence.
In Hebrew, Merkaba Literally Means – “Chariot”.
The Merkaba Literally Becomes A Vehicle For Ascension.

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