Larimar Dolphin Polished Stone AAA+ Stunning Gemstone Pearlized Form Genuine Rare Shimmer


Larimar Dolphin Polished Stone AAA+ Stunning Gemstone Pearlized Form Genuine Rare Shimmer

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Discover genuine Larimar directly from the Dominican Republic mines, the only source of this unique gem. Our AAA+ pearlized blue Larimar is a rare find, difficult to obtain due to its distinct, vibrant hue and pearl-like sheen. We use light boxes in our photos to highlight the genuine variety and translucency of each stone, showcasing Larimar’s natural beauty and uniqueness.

Key Highlights:
– Sourced exclusively from the Dominican Republic mine consortium.
– Beware of imitations from other regions; authentic Larimar comes only from this specific locale.
– Our Larimar gemstones are carefully selected for AAA / AAB / ABB quality, ensuring top-notch pieces for our customers.
– Known as the “Dolphin Stone,” Larimar’s rich history and rarity make it a prized semi-precious stone for jewelry.

Mining and Quality:
Mining Larimar is challenging, with conditions made tougher by the hurricane season. The stone is mined by hand to avoid damage, with only less than 10% qualifying as jewelry grade. We offer a variety of polished Larimar slabs in different grades, highlighting the stone’s natural beauty and patterns.

Larimar’s Unique Qualities:
– The stone’s color ranges from white to deep volcanic blue, with variations in pattern and translucence.
– Grading considers color depth, patterning, luster, clarity, and chatoyance, though there’s no standardized method.
– Each Larimar stone is unique, with potential natural imperfections adding to its charm.

Please Note:** Each piece is one-of-a-kind, potentially varying from the images shown due to the natural qualities of Larimar.

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