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Natural Polished Shine
With Rainbows
Simply Just Washed Only No Person
Has Manually Polished This Herkimer

Herkimer Diamonds Are Not Diamonds At All! In Fact, They Are Clear Some With Rainbows And
Many With Natural Fractures Deep Within The Stone. Generically Double-Terminated (Pointed On Both Ends)

Quartz Crystals Found Hosted In The Dolostone
Layers Of Herkimer County, New York.
Belonging To The Quartz Family, Herkimer Diamonds Have The Chemical
Formula Sio2 And Belong To The Hexagonal Crystal System.
Although Double-Terminated Quartz Can Occur In Many Places Across The Globe,
Only Those Found In Herkimer County Can Be Called “Herkimer Diamonds,”
Although The Shape Is Often Referred To Herkimer Also Found In A Few Other Localities Produce
Examples Pristine Enough To Rival Natural Diamonds As A Gemstone.
Herkimer Diamonds Have Crystal Clarity And A Natural Crystal Habit That Appears Faceted
Because Of The 18 Crystal Faces Visible In Most Specimens.
These Characteristics Result In A Natural Sparkle That Can Only Be Obtained In The Faceted
Diamonds Of Jewelry Stores Through Time-Consuming Work.
In Addition, Herkimer Diamonds Have A Hardness Of 7 Out Of 10 On The Mohs Hardness Scale, Making
Them Extremely Durable For Everyday Wear And Tear.
In Addition To This Resistance To Scratching, Herkimer Diamonds Do Not Break Or
Chip As Easily As Diamonds That Have Three Planes Of Cleavage To Break Along.
All In All, Herkimers Outshine Diamonds In Appearance.

Many Dont Know That Herkimers From New York
Actually Are Always Polished
These Are Raw And Untouched, Washed Only.
No Polishing Raw

Suggestions For Use
Herkimer Diamond Facilitates And Creates A Powerful Soul Shield When Journeying Or Undertaking Spiritual Work.
Create A Grid Or A??Dimensional Doorwaya?? Of Herkimer Diamonds When Astral Travelling Or For Interdimensional Work.
Herkimer Diamonds Are Helpful Tools For Dream Work As They Stimulate Inner Vision And Facilitate A Heightened Dream State.
Herkimer Diamonds May Be Used In A Grid Around Your Bed Or House To Overcome Insomnia Caused By Environmental Factors.

Herkimer Diamonds Are Excellent Energy Purifiers
For Healing Spaces And For Other Stones.

Herkimer Diamonds Magnify The Frequencies Of Other Stones.

In Crystal Body Layouts Or Healing Grids, Herkimer Diamond Creates Some Of The Purest Light Frequencies Available To The Physical Body.
Placing A Herkimer On The Body Or On A Chakra Will Allow Exceptional Light Frequencies To Permeate The Area Where It Is Placed. When Placed Between Two Chakras, Herkimer Diamond Ensures That Both Chakras Receive The Benefits From The Polarized Light Frequency Of This Stone. Herkimer Diamond Clears The Chakras And Opens The Channels For The Flow Of Spiritual Energy. Placing Herkimer Diamond On The Third Eye Enhances Telepathic Communication And Spiritual Guidance.

For Gaia Healing, Herkimer Diamonds May Be Placed In An Area Of Disturbed Earth Energy. Herkimer Diamond Is One Of The Strongest Crystals For Clearing Electromagnetic Pollution Or Radioactivity, Blocking Geopathic Stress, And For The Restoration Of Equilibrium. Smoky Herkimer Diamond Has A Strong Grounding Energy That Is Helpful For Healing The Earth Chakra And The Environment.

Please Note That This Is Natural Crystals Formed Over Millions Of Years And
Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections. This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is
Completely Unique, The One In The Photo For This Listing Is The One You Will Receive,
All Are Reiki Charged By Our Own Practitioner.

And Will Be Cleansed Ready For Use (Many Still Do This Themselves)
This Does Not Affect The Healing Properties In Any Way.

One Shown Supplied

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