Lilith Demon Sigil Pendant Luciferian Satanic Amulet Talisman Chain 20″ Necklace


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Lord Satan Is A Completely Different Being Who Is A
Noble Demon And The Father Of Demons And The Demonic Divine.
Satan And Lilith Have Actually Never Been Together And Do Not Have A Connection In The Outer Spiritual World.
Lady Lilith Is The Consort And Lover Of Samael.

The Earliest Representations Of Lilith Seem To Be As A Great Winged Bird Goddess,
A Wind Spirit, Or One Associated With The Sumerian, Ninlil,
Goddess Of The Grain, And Wife To Enlil. As The A??Hand Of Inannaa??,
Lilith Was Notorious For Bringing Men From The Street And Fields Of War To Inannaa??S Temple For Holy Sexual Rites,
In Which The Intention Was To Civilize The People.
The Sacred Sexual Customs Were, In Fact, Considered The Greatest Gift Of Inanna.

As Adama??S First Wife, However, Lilith Really Got Into Trouble With The Patriarchy.
She Had The Audacity To Want To Be Treated As Adama??S Equal.
According To Hebrew Mythology, The Babylonian Talmud, The Zohar,
And The Alphabet Of Ben Sira, Lilith Refused To Lie Below Adam,
And Thus Set The Archetypal Example For Later Feminists.
God Allegedly Threatened Her By Decreeing If She Did Not Submit To Adam,
That A??One Hundred Of Her Children Would Die Every Day.A?? Lilith Chose Exile.

36Mm X 28Mm Back Loop And 20″Chain

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