Odin Raven Pendant The All Father Huginn and Muninn Rune Beaded Cord Necklace


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The All Father

Two Ravens Sit On His (Odina??S) Shoulders And Whisper All The News Which They See
And Hear Into His Ear; They Are Called Huginn And Muninn. He Sends Them Out In
The Morning To Fly Around The Whole World, And By Breakfast They Are Back Again.
Thus, He Finds Out Many New Things And This
Is Why He Is Called A??Raven-Goda?? (Hrafnagu?).

Snorria??S Main Source For This Passage Seems To
Be An Evocative Stanza In The Eddic Poem Gr?Mnism?L,
In Which Odin Says:

Hugin And Munin
Fly Every Day
Over All The World;
I Worry For Hugin
That He Might Not Return,
But I Worry More For Munin.

Approx. Pendant Size: 3.0Cm / 30Mm / 1.1811 Inch
Over 20″ Inch Cord With A Pewter Bead, Tie Yourself.

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Cord, Pewter

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