Labradorite Point Dowsing Pendulum Crystal Dream Recall Reduce Stress & Anxiety


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Labradorite Is Considered A Tremendously Spiritual Stone, Especially Helpful For People Who Tend To Overwork.
It Helps An Individual Regain Energy While Aiding The Body And Spirit In Healing Itself.

In The Metaphysical World, Labradorite Is Considered One Of The Most Powerful Protectors.
The Gemstone Creates A Shield For Auras And Protects Against Negativity Of The World.
Labradorite Is Said To Temper The Negativity Within Ourselves As Well.

Labradorite Is Known For Its Changing Colours, So It Is No Surprise This Gemstone Is Known As A Stone Of Transformation,
Enhancing Strength Of Will And Inner Worth. The Gemstone Labradorite Is Said To Stimulate The Throat Chakra.
Though Not Associated With Any Zodiac Sign, Supposedly The Sign Of Cancer Is Especially Drawn To Labradorite.

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How To Use Your Pendulum Pendulums Can Be Used To Channel The Subconscious To Help You Answer
Those Questions Youa??Ve Had On Your Mind For Some Time. Any Question Can Be Answered
By The Use Of A Pendulum, And Here A Brief Explanation On How To Do It.

Firstly, You Will Need To Establish Which Way The Pendulum Will Swing For ‘Yes’ And Which Way For ‘No’.
To Do This Hold The Chain Of The Crystal In A Steady Hand, And Ask The Pendulum A Simple A??Trutha?? Question; For Example, A??Am I A Girl?
Or Any Other Question With A Simple Yes Or No Answer Which Of Course You Know The Answer To Already.
The Pendulum Should Swing; Note Which Way It Moves For Yes And Which Way For No.

A Circular Or Diagonal Swing Is Often Taken To Mean ‘Don’T Know’.
Now Ask The Pendulum Questions That You Would Like To Know The Answer To.

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