Tree Of Life Pendant Ash Elm Masculine Feminine Odin Askr & Embla Cord Necklace Jewellery


Tree Of Life Pendant Ash Elm Masculine Feminine Odin Askr & Embla Cord Necklace Jewellery

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Odin, revered as the All-Father, alongside Askr and Embla, often symbolized as the embodiment of Ash and Elm, are credited as the creators of mankind.

Our Antique Silver Plated Ask & Embla Pendant Necklace pays homage to this ancient myth. The pendant, approximately 3.5 cm in diameter, hangs gracefully from a waxed cord necklace, measuring around 18″ to 20″+ in length.

Legend has it that after Odin and his two brothers, Ve and Vili, had crafted the universe and the nine worlds, they stumbled upon two logs washed ashore on a beach. These logs were transformed into humanoid form by the brothers’ divine touch. Odin breathed life into them, Vili gifted them with keen intellect and compassionate hearts, and Ve bestowed upon them senses, expressive features, and the gift of speech. The brothers named the male log Ask, signifying ash, and the female log Embla, representing elm. Thus, Ask and Embla became the progenitors of humankind, with Midgard bestowed upon them as their home.

Embrace the timeless tale of creation embodied in this enchanting pendant, a tribute to the origins of humanity according to Norse mythology.

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