Viking Axe Pendant Helm of Awe Mammen Valknut Norse-Pagan Cord Lace Necklace


Viking Axe Pendant Helm of Awe Mammen Valknut Norse-Pagan Cord Lace Necklace

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Viking Mammen Axe – Helm Of Awe – Triquetra Norse Nordic Pendant Necklace

Measuring 50mm x 26mm and adorned with intricate detailing, this pendant necklace features the powerful Helm Of Awe symbol, also known as Ægishjálmr in Old Norse. Pronounced as “Eye-Gis-Hiowlm-Era,” this symbol holds significant importance among Viking warriors for its protective properties against illness and disease.

The Helm Of Awe was traditionally worn between the eyes, instilling fear in enemies and safeguarding against the abuse of power. Translated as “Helm Of Awe” or “Helm Of Terror,” its name reflects its ability to strike fear and reverence, influencing through terror or respect. In Norse mythology, it is revered as a symbol of great strength and protection.

The pendant’s symbolism extends beyond mere ornamentation. It delves into the deep-seated beliefs of the Viking Norse Germanic tribes, embodying their resilience in harsh environments. Alongside the Valknut symbol, it serves as a reminder of the warrior spirit and the quest for protection against adversities.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant necklace holds profound meaning for those intrigued by Viking lore and the ancient ways of the Norse people.

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