Pearl Nose Ring 9k Gold 8mm 22g (0.6mm) 3 Real Pearl Beads Tragus Earring


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Pearl Beads
Real 8Mm 22G 9Ct Gold Nose Ring,
3 X Real Pearl Beads,
Septum Tragus Piercing.

A Stunning Gold
Nose / Ear Piece.

8Mm Across, 9Ct Gold. 2.48 Mm Beads.
Simply A Stunning Gold Ring
For Use In Many Places.

If You Are Alternative,
Or Indeed A True Ethnic
Bohemian Many Of Our Items
Are Right Up Your Street.

Thickness Is 22G (0.6Mm)
Your Item It 100% Gold As Stated.
This Item Is 100% As Described, Metal, Gauge,Thickness, Size Or If Your Buying
Pendants As Stated, Plated, Silver Or Base Metal.

All Body Jewellery Sold By Eclectic Shop Uk Ltd Is Suitable
For Healed Piercings Only. If You Have A Reaction To Any Of Our Piercing Goods
This Is Because Of Contamination Or Irritation When Inserting
We Accept No Responsibility For Any Infection
That Can Occur From Piercings.

Gauge Is Abbreviated G.
Gauge Sizes Are Usually A Number Followed By G Or The Word Gauge.
Gauge Sizes Work In Reverse, Meaning That Higher Numbers (Like 16 Gauge)
Are Thinner Than Smaller Numbers (Like A 6 Gauge).
This Smaller-Is-Bigger And Bigger-Is-Smaller Rule Of Thumb Is Counterintuitive, So You’Ll Have To Actively Remember That Fact.
When Discussing Gauges, A Larger Gauge Means Bigger Around,
But It Is Expressed With A Smaller Number.
If You’Re Told That You Need A Larger Gauge Than 14, You Need To Look At 12 Or 10, Not At 16

We Advise You Sterilise Before You Wear And
Item A Good Clean Regularly

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