Om Nose Stud Long 25mm Fishtail18g (1mm) Fishtail Prong Specialised Body Jewellery


Om Nose Stud Long 25mm Fishtail18g (1mm) Fishtail Prong Specialised Body Jewellery

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Introducing our Om Aum Stud, a specialized nose accessory meticulously crafted for those with discerning taste. This long stud measures 25mm and weighs 18g (1mm), featuring a unique fishtail prong design made from high-quality 925 silver.

Please note, this nose stud is intended for customers who are familiar with its proper usage. We refrain from providing specific advice as its application is tailored to the individual.

The fishtail prong design serves a purpose: to allow for custom fitting to your nostril. A professional piercer will use specialized tools to measure your nose accurately and adjust the metal bar accordingly for a perfect fit.

Rest assured, your nose stud is crafted from 100% sterling silver. However, like all silver, it may tarnish over time due to exposure to elements such as highly acidic perspiration or contact with substances like perfume, makeup, hairspray, or cleaning products. It’s important to note that gold is the only metal that doesn’t react in this manner.

For optimal care, it’s recommended to remove the stud before bathing or swimming. This item is precisely as described, promising both quality and functionality.

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