Moth Nose Stud Lunar Moth Stud Goddess Insect 22g (0.6mm) 925 Sterling Silver Ball End Uk


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Lunar Moth Nose Stud Insect Ball End 22G (0.6Mm) 925 Sterling Silver Goddess Uk
You Are Purchasing A Fine 925 Sterling Silverhand Made Mothnose Stud Ball End / Nose Bone22G (0.6Mm) 5Mm X 5Mm Moth Your Item Is 100% Sterling Silverand May Tarnish As All Silver Does.It Is Well Known Silver Reacts With The Elements This May Be Caused By Highly Acidic Perspiration Or Contact With Other Chemical Agents Like Perfume, Makeup, Hairspray Or Cleaning Products.The Only Metal That Does Not React Is Gold. Ideally Remove Before Bathing Or Swimming As Standard.This Item Is 100% As Described, Metal, Gauge,Thickness, Size Or If Your Buying Pendants As Stated, Plated, Silver Or Base Metal.If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This Is For You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself. Gauge Is Abbreviated G. Gauge Sizes Are Usually A Number Followed By G Or The Word Gauge.Gauge Sizes Work In Reverse, Meaning That Higher Numbers (Like 16 Gauge) Are Thinner Than Smaller Numbers (Like A 6 Gauge). This Smaller-Is-Bigger And Bigger-Is-Smaller Rule Of Thumb Is Counterintuitive, So You’Ll Have To Actively Remember That Fact.When Discussing Gauges, A Larger Gauge Means Bigger Around, But It Is Expressed With A Smaller Number. If You’Re Told That You Need A Larger Gauge Than 14, You Need To Look At 12 Or 10, Not At 16 All Body Jewellery Sold By Eclectic Shop Uk Ltd Is Suitablefor Healed Piercings Only. If You Have A Reaction To Any Of Our Piercing Goods This Is Because Of Contamination Or Irritation When Insertingwe Accept No Responsibility For Any Infection That Can Occur From Piercings. We Advise You Sterilise Before You Wear Anditem A Good Clean Regularly.

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