Kuber Laxmi Pendant Sri Shri Shree Yantra Business Brass Energized 2mm Corded Uk


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Sri Shri Shree Yantra Kuber Laxmi Business
Brass Pendant Energized 2Mm Corded Uk

Authentic Originally From The Holy Shrines Of Haridwar
Made From Brass.
Supplied With Plenty Of 2Mm Red Cord.
Tie Yourself.

Please Research The Mantra As There Are A Few From Experience.

Amazing Powerful Sri Yantra Pendant
The Pendant Is 2.5 Cm Shree Yantra Pendant One Side Is Sri Yantra Mantra
The Symbol Picture Behind The 5 Cabochon Is Sri Yantra Chakra
The Yantra Of Shree. Kuber,Laxmi And Business

The Sri Yantra Is One Of Humankind’S Most Ancient Symbols And Represents The Goddess Shri Or Lakshmi,
Who Is The Embodiment Of Abundance In All Its Aspects.

Lakshmi Traditionally Is Thought To Have Eight Forms,
Ashtalakshmi: Financial Prosperity, The Wealth Of Excellent Health,
Fame, The Foundational Wealth Of Spiritual Knowledge,
Abundance Of Food And Needs Being Met,
Love And Rewarding Relationships,
Courageous Integrity, And Success In All Your Endeavors.

It Also Represents The Union Of The Masculine Divine And The Feminine Divine, As Is Seen
In Its Symbolic Structure Of Interlocking Upward- And Downward-Pointing Triangles.
For Many Millennia The Sri Yantra Has Been Used To Invoke Good Fortune,
Wealth, Health, And As An Aid For Meditation.

Shree Yantra Has A Mysterious Power, Full Of Magic & Called As Origin Point Of Hidden Powers.
The Hidden Powers Of This Yantra Generated Non-Visible Rays Which Gives Good Effect On Our Life & Business.
It Helps In Fulfill Persona??S Desire & Keep His/Her Mind Cool And Also Provides Complete Satisfaction Of Mind & Soul.

How You Charge And Energize Your Pendant
Yantra Is Energized With Sacred Mantras Composed In Sanskrit And Then It Becomes Active.
It Is Then Considered To Be A Dwelling Of The Gods It Represents.
The Energized Yantra Is An Independent Source Of Positive Energy
That Influences The Surroundings And The People Who Worship It.

Day Of Energizing : Friday Is Good For Energizing

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