Hindu Coin in Card Shri Baglamukhi Mata Pocket Yantra Evil Spirit Protection Atm Purse Wallet Card


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Shri Shree Baglamukhi Mata Pocket
Atm Hindu Coin
Yantra Defence Of Evil Spirits

Yantra Size – 3 Inch Length X 2 Inch Breadth
With Laminated Gold Plated Coin Use To Keep In Purse Or Pocket

Product Description
Ma Baglamukhi Is The Goddess Of Power And Strength. Worshipping Her Provides Relief From Evil Powers And All Kind Of Fears.
Ma Baglamukhi Yantra Is Considered To Be Auspicious And Used In Various Religious Ceremonies.
According To Ancient Scriptures, Ma Baglamukhi Yantra Is Known To Give Instant Results ,
As Soon As It Is Established. With The Use Of This Yantra, One Can Get Relief From Evil Spirits And Superficial Obstacles.

This Yantra Fulfills All The Desires Of The Worshipper And Provides Protection From Evils.
It Is Believed That Baglamukhi Yantra Provides Relief From All Kind Of Sufferings Of Life And Freedom From The Cycle Of Life And Death, Thus Providing Salvation.

Bathe The Yantra With Panchamrit Before Bringing It Into Use. It Should Be Established In The Temple Of The House Or Office.
After Establishing The Yantra Worship It With Flowers, Coconut, Turmeric, Rice Etc Everyday To Get Good Results.
Also, The Puja Must Be Performed While Chanting The Mantras.
Mantra Chanting Produces Positive Energy In The Yantra That Is Then Transferred Into The Environment.

Baglamukhi Yantra Provides Victory Over Enemies, Destroy Enemies And Protect From Evil Spirits.
The Person Holding Baglamukhi Yantra Gets Success In Legal Matters. It Is Very Important To Follow The Rules And Rituals Mentioned In Ancient
Scriptures To Worship This Yantra. Chaturdashi On Tuesday, When Sun Is Placed In The Capricorn Sign Is Considered To Be Very Auspicious For
Establishing Baglamukhi Yantra. It Is Believed That Goddess Baglamukhi Appeared On This Day Only To Destroy Devils In The All The Three Worlds.

Mantra For Baglamukhi Sadhana
“Om Halim Baglamukhi Sarvdushtanam Vacham Mukhan Padam
Stambhya Jhivyam Kilaya Budhim Vinashaya Halim Om Swaha|”.

The Cards Comes Equipped With 24K Gold Plated Coin, This Can Be Placed At Temple,
Mandir In Home, Purse, Wallet, Car, Shop & Business Place.
Blessed And Energized With Proper Mantras, Puja’S

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