Hamsa Nazar Evil Eye Hand of Fatima Protection Pendant Beaded Cord Necklace


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Silver Hamsa Hand Lucky
Evil Eye Karma
On Beaded Corded Necklace

Khamza, Gives You The Desire To Understand And Help Others With Their Problems But,
At The Same Time, You Can Become Too Involved And Worrying As The Result.

The Hamsa Today Is Popular As A Protective Charm In Both Middle Eastern And Western
Cultures, And Can Be Found Incorporated Into Jewelry, Wall Hangings, Key Chains And Other
Decorative Household Elements. But More Importantly,
The Hamsa Is In The Process Of Transcending It’S Origins To Become
A Symbol Of Peace In War-Torn Middle East,
And Many Jews And Arabs Wear The Hamsa To Demonstrate The Common Ground Shared
By Them And The Common Source From Which Their Religions Spring. No Longer Just A Talisman,
The Hamsa Has Instead Become A Symbol Of Hope And Peace In The Modern World

Please Be Advised To Take Your Item Off Before Showering And Bathing.
Not Doing This Can Advance Tarnishing Of Your Item(S)
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.
Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils,
We Advise You Take Them Out/Off For A Good Clean .
If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This Is
For You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself.

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