Seven Chakra Orgone Pendulum Dowser Real Gemstone Crystal Healing Divination Dowsing Reiki Therapy


Chakra orgone pendulum real crystal healing divination dowsing reiki dowser gem

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Authentic Gemstone prediction Pendulum
These feature genuine Chakra stones, not Howlite masquerading as Turquoise. We consistently offer the real deal.

Faceted Orgone Energy Chakra Reiki
Healing Dowsing Pendulum

Crafted from resin, this pendulum incorporates seven Chakra crystal chips and metal particles within.

During the Orgonite creation process, the resin shrinks, compressing the crystals inside and generating a piezoelectric effect. This polarization electrifies the ends, energizing the embedded crystals and enhancing the pendulum’s power.

Orgone Energy not only dispels negative energy but also purifies the atmosphere, realigns the chakras, fosters balance and harmony, and transforms negativity into positivity.

Orgone, synonymous with life force, chi, and prana, is harnessed in this pendulum, measuring 4.5 cm, with a chain of approximately 15 cm and a small quartz ball at the end.

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