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Viking troll cross

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Embrace the protective power of the Troll Rune, also known as the Odal Troll Cross, in this captivating pendant.

In Sweden and Norway, the Trollkors, or Troll Cross, crafted from bent iron, serves as a potent talisman against malevolent forces.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of Old Scandinavian folklore, this symbol is revered for its ability to ward off trolls and other lurking creatures of the forest.

The pendant, adorned with the Othila rune, symbolizing heritage and ancestral ties, offers comprehensive protection against evil.

Measuring 30mm x 18mm and accompanied by over 18 inches of cord, it stands as a timeless guardian for wearers, their animals, and their homes.

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Rune Troll Cross Pendant Necklace Odal Rune Pagan-Norse Beaded Cord Protection

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