Shungite Elite Crystal Mineral & Certificate Gemstone – 87.12 Gr – 435 ct – SHe1


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Here We Have More Of Our Shungite.
The First Batch Sold Out In Weeks And It Has Taken A Good
9 Months To Get Our Second Core Samples.
Happy Buying.

Shungite History.
Shungite Is An Ancient Rock Formation,
A Natural Mineral Of Unusual Composition And Structure.
It Has Unique Properties And It Is Extracted In The Zazhoginsky Deposit In Karelia, Russia.
We Have Choice Pick Via Contacts. We Get All Certified.
And Is Included In The Sale.

People In The Region Have Always Used Shungite In Their Water
And Seen Its Benefits For Centuries Without Fully Understanding The Reason Why.

Science Of Shungite
Shungite Is 30 Times More Effective Than Carbon In Removing Harmful Substances From Water.
This Includes Substances Such As Heavy Metals And Other Contaminants Often Found In Drinking Water.

Another Exciting Discovery About Shungite In Recent Years Was That It
Contains Pure Carbon Atoms Called “Fullerenes”,
These Are Soccer Ball Like Molecules That Give This Stone Its Absorbing, Neutralizing, Antioxidant And Purifying Properties.
These Unique Molecules Are Also What Scientists Believe Give
Shungite The Ability To Protect From Emf Radiation.

The Item In Photo Is The Item You Will Receive.
All Shungite Sold Is Tested With A Multi Meter.

Thank You

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