Ruby Zoisite Donut Pendant 30mm Anyolite Beaded Cord Necklace Grounding Unique


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Ruby Zoisite Donut Pendant 30Mm Anyolite
Beaded Cord Necklace Grounding Unique
Tie Cord Lace, Random Picked Donut, All Unique.

Anyolite Is The Name Used To Describe The Naturally Occurring Combination Of Green Zoisite With Deep Red Ruby Stone.
Both The Green Zoisite Energy And The Red Ruby Are Strongly Heart Based, And Will Stimulate Positive Feelings.
This Stone Is A Beautiful Combination Of Color And Of Energy, And Their Metaphysical Properties Are Helpful To Aid Physical Healing.
It Aids You To Feel Empathy For Others And To Be Observant Of Your Need To Take Care Of Your Physical Body.
At The Same Time It Stimulates Feelings Of Happiness And Appreciation For All That You Have In Your Life.
It Has A Vibrant Energy And Will Enhance The Energetic And Neural Connections Between Your Brain And Your Heart.

Where Is It From? Anyolite Meaning
This Stone Has A Strong Spiritual Nature, That May Alter Your Consciousness,
And Give You Access To Your Soul Memory, To Help You With Spiritual Learning.
The Largest Deposits Of The Lovely Combination Of Ruby Zoisite Are In India,
But It Is Also Found In Zambia Africa.
The Zoisite Within The Stone Is Primarily A Clear Medium Green,
And It Combines Well With The Deep Magenta-Red Of The Ruby In The Stone.

The Meaning Of Its Name Comes From A Masai Word Meaning Green,
And From This They Developed It As A Trade Name For This Stone.
You May Also See It Selling As Ruby Zoisite Or Ruby In Zoisite.
The Difference In The Two Colors Within The One Stone Is Quite Marked, And Very Beautiful.
Often These Stones Also Include Black Patches Of Tschermakite, Which Is A Type Of Black Hornblende.
This Can Be Seen As Black Spots Or Streaks Or It May Be Mixed Through The Other Colors.

There Is A Lot Of Beautiful Jewelry Made With Ruby Zoisite Stones And These
Lovely Green And Red Stones Can Be Found On The Zodiac Birthstones List.
Why Would You Use Anyolite?
Its Vibration Within The Third Eye Chakra Combines With The Heart Chakra,
And It Enhances The Energetic And Neural Connections Between Your Brain And Your Heart.

This Connection Supplies An Energy That Creates An Altered State Of Consciousness,
To Help You To Understand Yourself And The World Around You.

Anyolite Or Green Zoisite With Ruby
Anyolite Also Known As Ruby In Zoisite

This Stone Is A Mixture Of Red Ruby Stone And Green Zoisite, And Nature
Has Created A Truly Wonderful Combination Of Energies In This Combined Stone.

Ruby In Zoisite Is A Truly Spiritual Stone, And A Powerful
Aid For Anyone Whose Spirituality Is Ready To Reawaken.

The Vibration Of This Lovely Stone Is Powerful When Used At Either The Heart Chakra Or At The
Thymus Or Higher Heart Chakra. Centered There It Encourages The Mind To Hear
The Desires Of The Heart, And To Understand Them Enough To Accomplish What Is Needed.

Please Be Advised To Take Your Item Off Before Showering And Bathing.
Not Doing This Can Advance Tarnishing Of Your Item(S)
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.
Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils,
We Advise You Take Them Out/Off For A Good Clean .
If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This
Is For You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself.

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