Rose Quartz Donut Pendant Love Stone 30mm Donut Gemstone Protection Seer Stone Cord Bead Necklace


Rose Quartz Donut Pendant Love Stone 30mm Donut Gemstone Protection Seer Stone Cord Bead Necklace

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Experience the protective embrace of our Rose Quartz 30mm Donut Gemstone Seer Stone Pendant Cord Bead Necklace. Each piece is carefully cut and polished to reveal its varied hues, with a light pink chosen at random just for you.

Delve into the common knowledge surrounding Rose Quartz; this isn’t just our perspective, but widely available information for you to interpret as you see fit.

Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, holds the power to mend trust and foster harmony in relationships, urging forth unconditional love. It purifies and unlocks the heart’s depths, nurturing love, self-love, friendships, profound inner healing, and inner tranquility. With its calming presence, Rose Quartz serves as a comforting beacon in moments of sorrow, dispelling negativity and safeguarding against environmental toxins, infusing your surroundings with tender vibrations. Embrace self-forgiveness and self-acceptance as Rose Quartz instills trust and self-worth within.

A 30mm diameter Rose Quartz gem is elegantly set upon a cord with accompanying beads, creating a wearable embodiment of its soothing energy.

Please be aware that each piece is handmade, crafted from natural crystals forged over eons, thus may exhibit minor imperfections. Embrace the uniqueness of each crystal, as they may differ slightly from the images displayed.

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