Real Spell Craft Nails Protection Mixed Size Experienced Use Only Old Witch


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Spellcraft Nails Protection Spell Craft Mixed Size Experienced Use Only Old
3 Picked At Random, Could Be 3 Mixed 3 Large Medium Or Small.
We Are The First To Sell
And Copied Many Times.

Spells Are Said To Gain Potency When Coffin Nails Are Used In
Place Of A New Nail Or Pin When Prescribed In A Spell Or Ritual.
For Many Years Nails Have Been Used In Witchcraft And As Many
People Start To See That Paganism Is Not Just A Group But An Actual
Spiritual Path Religion Items Like Nails And Dolls Are Wanted For Various Reasons.

Today As The Internet Has Given Us More Access To The Worlds Vibrations
It’S Only Now We Can See And Hear Others Talking About Wicca And Witchcraft That We Can Start Offering Items Like Coffin Nails.
However As Others Have The Same Idea In Selling You Can Buy These Things Quite Cheap.

But Are They Being Sold Correctly ‘For Sale-5 Nails’??? 5? No No. 3 And 3 Only Per Set.
Seems That Anyone Can Jump On The Bandwagon These Days. The Power Of 3 And 3 Alone Works. In 3’S Always Works Best.
To Say The Least If You Are Going To Sell Items Of
Origin In Spellcraft At Least Do Your Homework.
I Have Here On Sale In Sets Of 3 – Hobnails – Iron Hobnails –

Coffin Nails To Be Exact Made Of Iron For Correct Use.
If You Are Seeking Nails Out Then You Know What For And How To Use But I Only List These.

I Am Not Advising Anyone How To Use Them As The 3 Fold Law Is With Us For A Reason.
Each Set Is Cleansed Before Packaging To Vanquish Any Relation To Me.
Once You Open Them They Are Yours. However I Have Listed A Nice Way To Use One Below.
Thanks For Reading.

Set A Coffin Nail In A Place Where It Will Be Hit By The First Beams Of The Sun As It Rises In The Morning.
After The Sunrise, Take The Nail And Scrub It Clean, And Polish It Till Shiny.
The Resulting Charm Is Said To Protect The Person Who Carries It From All Harm
Or Injury.It Can Be Bent Into A Round Shape Or Just Kept In A Pocket. I Have Known
Them Once Shiny To Be Sown Into The Collar Of Your Coat Or Inside A Jumper.

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