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Raven skane thor’s hammer pendant mjolnir cord necklace ancient norse symbol viking norse pagan jewellery

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“The All Father – Thor’s Hammer Pendant, Skane”

This striking Thor’s Hammer pendant is inspired by a 10th-century Mjölnir discovered in Skane, Sweden, featuring a top sculpted as a raven. Thor’s hammers, like this one, served as widely-used religious amulets during the Viking Age, as wearers sought to invoke the favor of the thunder and fertility god, Thor.

The replica Thor’s hammer comes with a black neck tie/lace, offering flexibility in choosing your comfort level, up to 71cm/28″. It is lead and nickel-free, measuring 33 x 30 x 10 mm and weighing 20 grams.

Embrace the power of Thor with this iconic pendant.

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