Raven Crow Pendant Morrigan Viking Celtic Pagan Cord Reversible Necklace


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65Mm X 30Mm Double Sided With A 20″ Twist Cord +2″ Extender
Detailed Crow,Raven
Huggin Muninn

Many Of The Celtic Goddesses Are Linked With The Raven Or Crow.
In This Mythology The Goddesses Are The Aggressive Deities,
Those Associated With War And Death. Badb, Macha And Nemain Are
All Associated With Crows And/Or Ravens, As Is Nantosuelta, A
Gaulish Water And Healing Goddess. The Wife Of The Fomorian Sea-God,
Tethra, Was Said To Be A Crow Goddess Who Also Hovered Above Battlefields,
And Scottish Myth Has The Cailleach Bheur, Who Often Appeared In Crow Form.
The Association Of The Birds With Death And War Is An Obvious
Reflection Of Its Tendency To Eat Carrion, Plenty Of Which Is To
Be Found In The Aftermath Of Battle. This Tendency Led, Eventually,
To The Persecution Of The Raven, As A Harbinger Of Doom And Destruction,
And Also To The Common Notion In Modern European Culture That The
Main Attribute Of Crow And Raven Is Their Connection With The Otherworld.
Upon Cuchulainn’S Death, The Morrigan Perched On His Shoulder In The Form Of A Raven.

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