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Paladkik Pendant

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The Paladkik, a brass or wooden charm resembling a phallus, is rooted in Hinduism and is widely recognized among Thais. While its exact origins in Thailand remain unknown, these small phallic charms are now crafted by shamans or Buddhist monks to ward off evil spirits.

Traditionally worn around the waist or neck, today they attract business and prosperity. This jewelry amulet symbolizes wealth, luck, and good business fortune, making it a meaningful collectible or a special gift. Believed to bring happiness, good luck, and love, it’s said to fulfill wishes and ensure safety.

Carvings on the charm can represent specific effects, like a monkey symbolizing agility to avoid danger.

This pendant is made of brass, weighs approximately 25 grams with its thick black cord, and measures 40mm x 15mm x 10mm. It comes in a velvet bag and requires personal adjustment to the desired length.

Penis & Balls Cock Necklace Pendant Paladkik Brass Amulet Sexy Kinky Lover Cook Corded With Velvet Bag

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