Papa Legba Loa Veve Pendant Necklace Hoodoo Root Work Talisman Amulet 18″ Chain


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Papa Legba
Inspired By The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook.

I Highly Recommend You Seek The Pdf.

All Info About These Pendants And Inspiration Behind Them Is Available From This Great Read.
A V?V? Is A Sigil That Represents And Invokes A Lwa (Loa),
A Spirit Venerated In Voodoo. Papa Damballah Is Venerated As The Sky
God And Creator Deity, And His Area Of Influence Includes Intellect, Balance And Justice

Papa Legba Has His Origins With The Fon People Of Dahomey (Benin) Africa And Is Said To Be The Guardian
And Trickster Of The Crossroads And Entrances. He Is One Of The Most Widely Served African Deities.

In Haitian Vodou And New Orleans Voodoo, Papa Legba Is The
Intermediary Between The Loa (Lwa) And Humanity. He Stands At A
Spiritual Crossroads And Grants Or Denies Permission To Speak With The
Spirits Of Guinee, And Is Believed To Speak All Human Languages
.He Is Always The First And Last Spirit Invoked In Any Ceremony, Because His Permission Is Needed For
Any Communication Between Mortals And The Loa – He Opens And Closes The Doorway To The Spirit World.

Read On To Learn More About This Powerful And Often Misunderstood Spirit.

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