Papa Ghede Voodoo Veve Vodou Amulet Talisman Death Spirit Beaded Cord Necklace


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Papa Ghede Is Supposed To Be The Corpse Of The First Man Who Ever Died.
He Is Recognised As A Short, Dark Man With A High Hat On His Head, A Cigar In His Mouth,
And An Apple In His Left Hand. Papa Ghede Is A Psycho-Pomp Who Waits At The Crossroads
To Take Souls Into The Afterlife. He Is Considered The Good Counterpart To Baron Samedi.

If A Child Is Dying, Papa Ghede Is Prayed To. It Is Believed That He
Will Not Take A Life Before Its Time, And That He Will Protect The Little Ones.
Papa Ghede Has A Very Crass Sense Of Humour, A Divine Ability To Read Others’ Minds,
And The Ability To Know Everything That Happens In The Worlds Of The Living And The Dead.

Ghede Is The Guardian Of The Graveyard.
He Keeps The Dead Souls In And The Living Souls Out.

To Understand The Ghede, The Voodoo Spirits Of Death And Fertility, It Is Necessary
To Have Some Understanding Of Voodoo Itself. But That Is Not Easy.
It Is A Religion Whose Ancestors Hail From The Indigenous Religions Of West African Peoples,
Born In Their Camaraderie As Slaves In The Caribbean, And Finding Its Way To North American Among
The Refugees Of The Haitian Revolution. It Is A Gallimaufry Of Ancient African Spirits And Deities,
Old World European Lore And Myth, Catholic Symbolism And Litanies.
The Name Itself Has A Swath Of Spellings And Origins. In West Africa,
The Ewe Word Vodu Means A??Fear Of The Gods,A?? And In Dahomey, Vodun
Was Used As A Name For All Deities.

The Spelling Changes Depending On The Context, Region, Or Inclination Of The Author,
But Is Generally Referred To As Vodou In Haiti, Vodun In Benin, West Africa
(Formerly Dahomey), And Voodoo In New Orleans

18″ + Corded Necklace Domed Metal With Papa Named Reverse
30 X 5Mm Pendant And Bead

Please Be Advised To Take Your Item Off Before Showering And Bathing.
Not Doing This Can Advance Tarnishing Of Your Item(S)
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.
Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils,
We Advise You Take Them Out/Off For A Good Clean .

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