Orgone Selenite Pendant Spiritual Awareness Teardrop Copper Coil Necklace


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Orgone, Crystal Selenite The Awareness Stone

Clearwater Resin ,Copper Coil
Gemstone Set In An Orgone Orgonite Pendant Reiki Protective Necklace
Pendant Size Is
65 X 30 X 10 Mm Approx
With Emf Coil
Silver Plated Copper Bail
(Variation Of Mixed Selenite And Metal With Resin)

With An 33″ Tie Cord Approx

Healing With Selenite
A?? Serenity A?? Purification A?? Peace A?? Meditation
A?? Universal Consciousness A?? Clarity Of Thought
A?? Purity Of Heart A?? Universal Love A?? Integrity
A?? Spirituality A?? Psychic Development
A?? Forgiveness A?? Positive Thoughts

Selenite Provides For Clarity Of The Mind, Expanding Ones Awareness Of The Self And Of Ones Surroundings.
It Opens The Crown And Higher Crown Chakras And Accesses Angelic Consciousness And Higher Guidance.
It Can Be Used To Access Past Lives As Well As Future Lives.

Selenite Is A Calming Stone That Instils Deep Peace And Is Excellent For Meditation Or Spiritual Work.
It Assists Judgement And Insight. It Clears Confusion And Aids In Seeing The Deeper Picture.

Selenite Aligns The Spinal Column And Promotes Flexibility.
It Corrects Deformities Of The Skeletal System And Can Stabilise Epileptic Disorders.
It Is Used To Improve Disorders Associated With Metal Poisoning
Due To Teeth Fillings And Can Reverse The Effects Of “Free Radicals” In The Cell Structure.
Effects That Can Be Overcome Include Cancer, Tumours, Age Spots,
Wrinkles And Light Sensitivity.

(This Is Well Known Info Readily Available On The Internet
And Not Our Expressed Opinion)


Nb: Due To The Nature Of The Item And Its Manufacturing Process The
Designs May Well Vary And The Images Are For Illustration Purposes Only.
Orgone Resin Is Delicate And May Have Fine Lines In The Surface.

Picked At Random
The One In The Photo
Is An Example Only

Please Note That This Is A Natural Crystals Formed Over Millions Of Years And
Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections. This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is
Completely Unique And So May Have Natural Stress Fractures.
Many Of Our Crystals Will Have Mineral Deposits On The Underside,That May Generally Come Off.
This Is Natural,And Is A Known Trait Of Buying Crystals
We Only Buy Specimens That Have Little Deposits On So More Stunning Crystal By Weight.

Your Item Has Also Been Photographed With The Best Lighting Possible To You Can See The Natural Beauty.
Screen Resolution Differs From Phone To Phone,Pc To Pc,Mac To Mac
By Pressing Buy It Now You Understand This. Thank You

Please Be Advised To Take Off This Item Before
Bathing Or Swimming Costume Jewellery
Does Tarnish

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