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Gemstone Rock
Obsidian Point
Healing Point Chakra Stone
Plaited Cord Necklace Wooden Bead

Stone Is 32 X 9Mm
Total Overall Size Is 40 X 13Mm Varied Stone To Stone
All Sizes Are Approximate
Obsidian Is Natural
Hexagon Point Cone Shaped.

The Protective Obsidian Stone
Dark And Dreamy, The Volcanic Glass Rock Of Obsidian Is A Sword Against Negative Energy And A Powerful Anchor For Keeping You Grounded In This Good Life. While Some May Turn Their Eyes To Brighter Stones, The Obsidian Is A Beautiful Stone. Look A Little Closer And You Can See The Milky Flecks Of The Soothing Snowflake Obsidian Or The Gorgeous Glimmer Of The Golden Obsidian. Ita??S A Stone That Knows That One Size Doesna??T Suit All, Which Is Why Obsidian Presents Itself In A Myriad Of Ways. But Whether You Pick The Rainbow Shade Of The Velvet Crush Of Night Color, All Obsidian Stones Share That Intense Healing Vibe That Is Ever Ready To Pull You Back Up On Your Feet Again.

Obsidian Is Formed By The Quick Cooling Of Volcanic Lava In An Earthly And Scientific Way That Causes It To Harden Like Glass. It Has Been Around Since The Beginning Of Time And Has Been Used In Trading By The Mayans Since 100 B.C.

Obsidian Can Be Found Across The Globe, From The Azure Shores And Fisherman Huts Of Greece To The Ice And Fire Of Iceland, And The Mythical Jungles And Lost Cities Of Mexico. Ita??S A Stone That Comes Swallowed Up In A Lot Of History. Beloved By The Mayana??S And The Aztecs, Obsidian Was Used In A Multitude Of Ways A?? From Jewelry To Homeware And Even Weapons. It Was Used To Make Arrowheads And Cutting Tools And In Its Heyday, It Had More Worth Than Gold. But The Allure For Obsidian Went Beyond The Basic Utilitarian. It Was Also Coveted By Shamans, Healers, And Stone-Age Spiritualists. Light Healers Longed For Obsidian And Crystal Gazers Also Craved The Stone So They Could Look Deeper Into The Spiritual Realms.

Its Sharp Edges Were A Symbol That The Darkness Could Be Pierced To Reveal The White Light Of The Truth. Its Polished Surface Resembled A Mirror For Looking Into The Future With Crystal-Clear Clarity, And Its Volcanic Roots Speak To A Well Of Raw Energy That When Harnessed Can Be Soul-Shaking. The Dark Sheen Obsidian Has Many Faces And For Those Who Want To Look A Little Closer At The Deeply Protective And Grounding Stone

Obsidian Is A Natural Form Of Volcanic Glass , Composed Of Various

Combinations Of Basalt, Andesite, Rhyolite, And Trachyte.
Basic Colours Range From Smoky Gray To Red Or Reddish Brown, Blue And Black
Obsidian Comes In A Number Of Colours And Patterns Including Banded,
Snowflake (Small White Bursts Resembling Snowflakes), Mahogany
(Includes Streaks Of Mahogany Coloured Bands), Rainbow Or Peacock
(Contains Layers Of Iridescent Colours) And Sheen
(Colours Such As Gold, Silver Or Blue Sheen Seen In Certain Lights)
Obsidian Also Occurs In Small Nodules Known As Apache Tears.
Obsidian Was So Named From Its Resemblance To A Stone Found
In Ethiopia By Obsius. It Was Used In Antiquity For Amulets And Necklaces.

Natural Crystals Have Formed Over Millions Of Years And
Therefore May Have Some Natural Imperfections. This Also Means That Each Crystal We Sell Is
Completely Unique And So May Differ From The Pictures Shown,
All Are Reiki Charged By Our Own Practitioner.
And Will Be Cleansed Ready For Use (Many Still Do This Themselves)
This Does Not Affect The Healing Properties In Any Way.

The Item In The Photo Is A Representation, All Natural Crystal Is Unique.
No Two Will Be The Same. We Choose One For You At Random.
By Pressing ‘Buy It Now’ You Agree For Us To Do This For You.
It Will Be Like The One In The Photo,But Not Exact.We Only Stock Genuine Crystal And Genuine Crystal
Is Not Uniform,It Will Have Natural Inclusions
And Natural Fractures Within
If You Are Happy To Let Us Choose One For You Then This Will Not Be A Problem,However If Your Not Then Please
Go To A Physical Shop And Choose For Yourself.

Please Be Advised To Take Your Item Off Before Showering And Bathing.
Not Doing This Can Advance Tarnishing Of Your Item(S)
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.
Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils,
We Advise You Take Them Out/Off For A Good Clean .
You The Customer Please Adjust Yourself.

Ideally Remove Before Bathing Or Swimming As Standard.
This Item Is 100% As Described, Metal, Gauge,
Thickness, Size Or If Your Buying
Pendants As Stated, Plated, Silver Or Base Metal.
If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This Is
For You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself.

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