Moonstone Pentagram Gemstone Crystal Pendant 18″ Chain 925 Sterling Silver Goddess Protection Boxed Gift


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All 925 Sterling Silver.
New Pentagram
Pendant In Sterling Silver With Moonstone

30Mm X 21Mm Including Bale
With 18″ Rolo Sterling Silver Chain

A Lovely Pendant Depicting A Pentagram Enclosed In A Circle Balanced With A
Stunning Rainbow Moonstone
The Pendant Is Made From Solid 925 Sterling Silver With Intricate Detailing,
And Is Set With A Genuine Moonstone.
Supplied In A Box

The Pentagram, Or Five-Pointed Star Holds Great And Ancient Significance.
It Is A Powerful Symbol Of Light And A Talisman Of Protection.

This Symbol Was Used In Very Ancient Times, And Was The Badge Of The Followers Of Pythagoras,
Possibly Because Its Proportions Contain The Mathematical ‘Golden Section’ Still Used Today By Artists And Architects

The Pentagram Represents The Five Elements Of Spirituality Used In The Western Occult Tradition –
The Material Elements Of Earth, Air, Fire, Water Ruled Over By Spirit, The Topmost Point Of The Star.

A Pentagram Such As This One Which Is Enclosed In A Circle
Signifies Infinity And Eternity, Without Beginning Or End.

Silver Is Sacred To The Moon And To All Moon Goddesses, Such As Diana, Isis, Luna And Selena.
It Is Believed To Carry The Qualities Of Invocation,
Love, Peace, Protection & Dreams. It Is Also Used For Charms To Attract Money.

The Sacred Meaning Behind Moonstone.
Seen As A Veiled Spectacle Of Light Or Cirrus Clouds Passing Before The Moon, Moonstone Mesmerizes Gem Aficionados Of Different Cultures With Its Otherworldly Fa?Ade. The Pearly Iridescence It Showcases Is Such A Thing Of Beauty, It Should Host A Deep Meaning. And True Enough, Its Mysterious Name And Playful Glimmer Stand Behind A Towering Significance. It Is Highly Valued By Monks, Shamans, Spiritualists, And Devotees From Various Religions.

What Does It Really Mean? Did It Come From The Moon? And How Can It Change Your Life?
Dive Into The Mythical Powers Of Moonstone Jewellery And See Why Youa??Ll Love It.

As Ancient As The Moon Itself, The Meaning Of Moonstone Lies Within Its Energy. This Power Can Nourish, Give Passion, And Awaken Your Feminine Energies. It Can Heal And Guide You To Your Inner Path. Together With The Waxing And Waning Of The Moon, It Evokes Tranquillity That Has A Sensual, Esoteric Feel To It. It Exudes A Glowing Vitality That Can Re-Energize The Mind And Body And Wash Negativity Away. Since It Is Enveloped By Strong Rays Of Gold, Blue, And Purple, Moonstone Is Perpetually Embraced With Gleaming White Energy That Makes It A Protective Gem.

Your Item Is 100% Sterling Silver
And May Tarnish As All Silver Does.
It Is Well Known Silver Reacts With The Elements This May Be Caused By
Highly Acidic Perspiration Or Contact With Other Chemical Agents
Like Perfume, Makeup, Hairspray Or Cleaning Products.
The Only Metal That Does Not React Is Gold.

Ideally Remove Before Bathing Or Swimming As Standard.
This Item Is 100% As Described

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Gemstone, Sterling Silver

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