Moon Star Opelite Sea Opal Spiritual Crystal Gemstone Pendant Bead Cord Necklace


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Moon Star Opelite Sea Opal Spiritual
Crystal Gemstone Pendant Bead Cord Necklace

Comes With Adjustable Cord And Bead

Lucky, Individual And Cute Gemstone Pendant

The Gemstone Disc Is Made From Genuine And Natural
Argenon Also Known As Tiffany’S Stone In Some
Areas A Gemstone And Looks Unique.

Opalite Is A Beautiful, Sky Blue Stone That Symbolizes Clear Thinking, New Beginnings, And Childlike Glee.

Unlike Many Other Crystals, Opalite Is A Man-Made Stone Created From Glass.
As Such, It Has A Far Different Meaning For Spiritual Purposes Compared
To Other, Natural Stones Coming From The Earth.
As With All Human-Made Stones,
One Must Use Opalite For The More Straightforward Challenges In Life,
Which Is Where Its Purpose Shines Greatest.

The Spiritual Meanings Of Opalite Are Quick Mood Boosts,
The Ability To Turn A Frown Into A Smile, And The Light Of A Clear Blue Sky.

The Unique Shine Of Opalite Is What Gives It Its Many Nicknames, Such As Tiffanya??S Stone.
This Is In Reference To The Famous Jewellery Store Which Wraps All Products
In Baby Blue Wrapping. Ita??S Also Called The Ice Cream Stone As It Has A Unique Coolness To Its Appearance.

Both Of These Nicknames Further Display Its Spiritual Meaning Of Simple Delights And The Joys Of Beholding A Thing Of Beauty.

It Is Not A Worthless Power That Opalite Has, Mind You. For Many People Who Have
Trouble Getting Their Minds Off Of Very Serious And Deep Topics,
Opalite Reminds Them To Stay Fun, Cheery, And Light-Hearted.

Opalitea??S Two Primary Colours, Blue And White, Come Together To Form Its Unique Shine.
Together They Stand For Openness, Calmness, And Purity.

Like The Beautiful Skies Of Summer And The Flat Plains Of Snow In The Winter,
These Two Colours Serve To Bring Peace To Humanity By Reminding Them Of The Simplicity And Beauty That Nature Has.
Whether Youa??Re Placing Opalite On The Navel, Forehead, Heart Or Sacred Altar
It Brightens And Shines Its Energy Around It, Giving A Pure Beauty And Cheer.

Opalite Stands For New Beginnings And, As Such, Is One Of The Perfect Stones For Modern Healers.
It Contains Within It The Spirit Of Youth, Hope, And Optimism.
For Individuals Looking To Enter Into The World Of Crystals And Gemstones For Healing, Opalite Can Be A Perfect Pathway.
It Is Both Gentle And Calm. That Makes Working With It A Breeze! Other Stones Can Be
Much More Challenging To Understand And Require Much Practice To Perfect Their Usage.
You Can Feel Its Energy As Easily As Watching An Oceana??S Tide Come In And Out On A Warm Afternoon.

Genuine And Natural Argenon Gemstone
Set In A Moon And Stars Metal Pocket Pendant

Please Be Advised To Take Your Item Off Before Showering And Bathing.
Not Doing This Can Advance Tarnishing Of Your Item(S)
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.
Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils,
We Advise You Take Them Out/Off For A Good Clean .
If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This
Is For You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself.

One Supplied

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