Moon Gazing Hare Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Necklace 18″ Chain Pagan Wicca Ostara Jewellery & Box


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Moon Gazing Hare 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 18″ Rolo Chain Pagan Wicca Ostara & Box
Size: 26mm X 12mm

Comes with Free Gift Box (Box design may vary)

The Spring Equinox, known as Ostara, falls on March 20th, 21st, or 22nd when the Sun enters Aries, marking equal day and night hours.

Associated with fertility, the hare symbolizes the pagan goddess Eostre and her festival. The hare, a symbol of fertility, has been historically linked with the goddess, often mistaken as the Easter Bunny.

Pagan fertility festivals during the Spring Equinox celebrated the balance of male and female energies, with the hare representing the moon goddess and fertility.

Your item is crafted from 100% sterling silver and may tarnish over time due to natural reactions with elements like acidic perspiration or exposure to chemicals. It’s recommended to remove it before bathing or swimming.

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