Labradorite Cabochon Oval High Grade 43 x 28 x 8mm 75 Ct Palm Stone Gemstone LB4


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Labradorite Cabochon Oval High Grade 43 X 28 X 8Mm 75 Ct Palm Stone Gemstone Lb4

Of All The Feldspars, None Besides Orthoclase Is As Frequently Encountered As A Faceted Gem As Is Labradorite.
The Material Ranges In Colour From Colourless To Yellow, But Inclusions Of Minerals
Such As Haematite And Copper Create A Wide Range Of Other Body Colours.
These Are Best Known From Localities In Oregon.
Our Examples Come From Africa And Are Worked By Our Jewellers In India.

In Addition, The Phenomenon Of Schiller Is Best Developed In The Labradorite Range Of Plagioclase Compositions.
Translucent To Opaque Labradorite That Shows Blue, Green, And Golden Schiller Colours Is Widely Cut By Hobbyists.

Labradorite With Schiller Is Also A Component Of Many Dark-Coloured Igneous Rocks That Are Used In
Building And Construction As Facing Materials. Such Rocks Are Very Attractive When Polished Because The
Blue Sheen Of The Labradorite Grains Flashes Out At Many Angles.

The Schiller In Labradorite Is Similar To That In Peristerite,
But The Colour Range Includes Blue, Green, Blue-Green, Gold, Yellow, And Purple.
The Colour Play Is Iridescent Like The Feathers Of A Peacock.

Faceted Labradorite Makes A Handsome, Although Unusual Jewellery Stone.
It Is As Hard As Moonstone Or Any Of The Other Feldspars That Are Worn Regularly In Jewellery

Labradorite Has A Stunning Shimmer But Also Can Be A Non Shimmer Gemstone
Used In Many Crystal Therapies

The Stone In The 12 Photos Is The One You Will Receive.

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