Quan Yin Necklace Pendant Mother of Mercy Indian Jewel In The Lotus Cord Lace Necklace Pewter Jewellery


Quan Yin Necklace Pendant Mother of Mercy Indian Jewel in the Lotus Cord Lace Necklace Pewter Jewellery

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Indian Goddess Quan Yin: Mother of Mercy

Adorn yourself with the divine presence of Quan Yin, the Mother of Mercy, embodied in this exquisite Jewel in the Lotus pendant on Cord Lace N1.

Approximately measuring 2.00″ x 0.25″, this pendant comes with a 33″ black cord necklace and an information card for your reference. Featuring intricate 3D details on the reverse side, it is cast and finished in the USA, ensuring quality and safety as it is lead and nickel safe.

Quan Yin, a shortened form of a name meaning “One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World,” holds a significant place in Chinese mythology. Her title signifies her role as “She Who Always Observes or Pays Attention to Sounds,” hearing prayers and offering mercy to those in need. Often depicted with eleven heads, she is also known as the “Lady Who Brings Children,” symbolizing fertility and compassion.

Worshipped primarily by women, Quan Yin provides solace to the troubled, sick, lost, senile, and unfortunate. Her influence extends beyond, being regarded as the protector of seafarers, farmers, and travelers. She is also invoked during post-burial rituals to aid the souls of the deceased on their journey through the afterlife.

Temples dedicated to Quan Yin can be found across China, with her worship being more prominent in the southern regions. Join countless others in honoring this benevolent goddess on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th, and 9th moons.

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Waxed 1.5mm cord



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