Herkimer Cage Mojo Pendant Quartz Gemstone Double Terminated Gris Gris Necklace


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Quartz Gemstone Herkimer Cage Pendant
Gris Gris
Double Terminated Healing Cord Necklace
With Inclusions, All Varied
The Quartz Can Be Removed.
35 X 20Mm Approx.

Clear Quartz Is Known As The A??Master Healera?? And Will Amplify
Energy And Thought, As Well As The Effect Of Other Crystals.
It Absorbs, Stores, Releases And Regulates Energy.
Clear Quartz Draws Off Negative Energy Of All Kinds.

It Balances And Revitalizes The
Physical, Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Planes.
Cleanses And Enhances The Organs And Subtle Bodies And Acts As
A Deep Soul Cleanser, Connecting The Physical Dimension With The Mind.

Clear Quartz Enhances Psychic Abilities. It Aids Concentration And Unlocks Memory.
Stimulates The Immune System And Brings The Body Into Balance.

A A??Stone Of The Minda??, Quartz Can Be Used To Imprint With Any Energy Or Information,
And Help To Focus The Mind, Aid In Concentration, And Enhance Mental Ability.

This Is A Herkimer Shaped Quartz

One Supplied

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