Helm of Awe Pendant Rune Yggdrasil Asatru Bead Cord Necklace Aegishjalmur Amulet


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“Icelandic Stave Design”

The “Helm Of Awe”, Or ÆGishj?Lmur.
With The Elder Futhark Runes

This Is A Rune That Is Empowered Eightfold Around A Central Point.
This Powerful, Magical Symbol Was Worn In Ancient Europe,
Most Often As An Amulet Suspended Over The Third Eye.

Engraved Into A Headpiece Over The Third Eye, But Also On Saddles,
Weapons And Pendants. It Was Thought To Dazzle Assailants
With Its Natural Motion, Giving The Wearer Protection And Time To React.
In The Center Circle Of This Pendant Is Also An Icelandic Binding
Rune That Is Said To Repel Harmful Energy Back To Its Source,
Bringing Victory In Any Kind Of Battle.

32mm Diameter Set On An Adjustable Cord
Tie Yourself.

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Black, Silver


Cord, Metal

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