Helm of Awe Necklace Invincible Aegishjalmur Asatru Pendant Viking Norse & Boxed


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The Helm Of Awe
I Wore Before The Sons Of Men
In Defense Of My Treasure;
Amongst All, I Alone Was Strong,
I Thought To Myself,
For I Found No Power A Match For My Own.

The ÆGishj?Lmr As Represented In The Galdrab?K
One Of The Representations Of The ÆGishj?Lmr In The Galdrab?K
This Interpretation Is Confirmed By A Spell Called
A??There Is A Simple Helm Of Awe Workinga??
In The Collection Of Icelandic Folktales Collected
By The Great J?N ÁRnason In The Nineteenth Century.
The Spell Reads:

Make A Helm Of Awe In Lead, Press The Lead Sign
Between The Eyebrows, And Speak The Formula:

ÆGishj?Lm Er éG Ber
Milli Br?na M?R!

I Bear The Helm Of Awe
Between My Brows!

Thus A Man Could Meet His Enemies And Be Sure Of Victory.

Invincibility Battle Aegishjalmur Rune
Pendant Norse Asatru Men Tibetan Necklace

This Helm Of Awe

25Mm Diameter Approx Pendant

The Icelandic Stave Rune Bringing Incredible Protection And Invincibility In Battle.

A “Stave” Is A Rune That Is Repeated Eightfold, Radiating Power In All Directions.

On The Top Left Of The Outer Rim, We See The Run Known As The Wolfsangel.

This Rune Has Became Symbolic In The Order Over

Chaos And Freedom From Oppression.

This Pendant Is Designed To Protect The Wearer From All Conceivable Forms Of Attack,

Bringing Invincibility In Battle Or Everyday Life For The Majority Of Wearers.

Tie Cord Necklace

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Cord, Metal

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