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Fluorite raw pendant amulet

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Dive into the enchanting world of natural gemstones with our randomly selected pendant.
Each pendant measures approximately 2cm x 2cm or 2cm x 3cm, adding a unique touch to your collection.With an adjustable cord length ranging from 20″ to 26″, you can customize your necklace to suit your style.

Discover the raw beauty of mongolian green fluorite, encased in a stunning pendant.

Crafted with a brown woven cord and embellished with 6 gold spin thread parts, each pendant is a symbol of protection and elegance.
Experience the untouched rawness of nature with a drilled hole for mounting, allowing you to showcase the beauty of green fluorite.

Explore the metaphysical properties of green fluorite, harnessing its balancing and stabilizing energies for your spirit, soul, and body.
Unveil the genius stone’s connection to intelligence and mental clarity, empowering you to process new ideas and information with ease.

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