Gada Pendant Brass Red Cord Necklace Mace Hanuman Totem Protection Necklace Uk


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Totem Symbol Of
Power & Protection
From Your Enemies

26Mm X 10Mm Approx
2Mm Thick Red Cord

The Size We Have Here Is For Your
Purse Or Money Tin, To Ward Off
Negativity Ideal To Carry With You.

We Also Sell A Gada That Is Better For Your Home And Garden
Ideal For Burying Or Used In Walls For Ultimate
360 Protection By Hanuman

The Gada (Sanskrit: A??A??A?? Gad?, Malay: Gedak) Is A Blunt Mace Or Club From India.
Made Either Of Wood Or Metal, It Consists Essentially Of A Spherical Head Mounted On A Shaft,
With A Spike On The Top. Outside India, The Gada Was Also Adopted In Southeast Asia,
Where It Is Still Used In Silat.

The Gada Is The Main Weapon Of The Hindu God Hanuman.
Known For His Strength, Hanuman Is Traditionally Worshipped
By Wrestlers In South And Southeast Asia.
Vishnu Also Carries A Gada Named Kaumodaki
In One Of His Four Hands. In The Mahabharata Epic,
The Fighters Bhima, Duryodhana, Jarasandha, Balarama
And Others Were Said To Be Masters Of The Gada.
Made From Brass..

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