Flower of Life Lotus Pendant Kabbalah Meditation Sacred Geometry Chain Necklace


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Flower Of Life Yantra
Pendant 18″ Chain

Silver Over Brass
Lotus Pendant Set On An
18″ Silver Tone Chain

The Flower & Seed Of Life Is The Modern Name Given To A Geometrical Figure Composed
Of Multiple Evenly-Spaced, Overlapping Circles, That Are Arranged So That They
Form A Flower-Like Pattern With A Sixfold Symmetry Like A Hexagon.
The Center Of Each Circle Is On The Circumference Of
Six Surrounding Circles Of The Same Diameter.

It Is Considered By Some To Be A Symbol Of Sacred Geometry,
Said To Contain Ancient,
Religious Value Depicting The Fundamental Forms

Of Space And Time. In This Sense, It Is A Visual Expression Of The Connections Life Weaves

Through All Sentient Beings, Believed To Contain A Type Of

Akashic Record Of Basic Information Of All Living Things.

There Are Many Spiritual Beliefs Associated With The Flower Of Life;
For Example, Depictions Of The Five Platonic Solids Are Found Within The Symbol
Of Metatron’S Cube, Which May Be Derived From The Flower Of Life Pattern.
These Platonic Solids Are Geometrical Forms Which Are Said
To Act As A Template From Which All Life Springs.

Another Notable Example Of That Which May Be Derived From The
Flower Of Life Is The Tree Of Life. This Has Been An Important Symbol
Of Sacred Geometry For Many People From Various Religious Backgrounds.
Particularly, The Teachings Of The Kabbalah
Have Dealt Intricately With The Tree Of Life.

Weeks Of Wear Can Build Up Oils And We Advise You Take Them Out For A Good Clean
Please Be Advised To Take Off This Item Before
Showering And Bathing As This Can Advance Tarnishing Of The Them,
As Before A Good Clean Does The Trick.
Costume Jewellery Is Not For Constant Wear.

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