Fire Mandala Pendant Layered Spiritual Amulet Yoga Tantric Tie Cord Necklace UK


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Fire Mandala Pendant Layered Spiritual
Amulet Yoga Tantric Tie Cord Necklace Uk.

The Ring Of Fire:

The Outside Ring Of A Mandala, Known As The Ring Of Fire, Serves As A Boundary Between
The Outer World, Full Of Chaos, And The Sanctity Found Within The Mandala.
The Mystical Journey Doesna??T Begin Until One Has Left Samsara,
The World Of Phenomena, And Passed Through The Flames Serving As The Mandalaa??S Barrier.

Fire, A Ritual Element Representing The Wisdom Found Within The Mandala,
Is Signified By Stylized Scrollwork Found Around The Outer Edge Of The Mandala.

The Ring Of Vajras:

Inside The Ring Of Fire Is A Second Ring, Known As The Ring Of Vajras. In Sanskrit, Vajras Means
Both A??Thunderbolta?? And A??Diamond.A?? The Thunderbolt Represents Truth And Power,
And The Diamond Is A Symbol For Purity And Indestructibility.

These Symbols Placed Together Within This Inner Ring Represent The Starting Point
Of Unalterable And Complete Essence And Understanding, Found Within The Mandala.

The Ring Of The Lotus:

This Third Inner Ring, Known As The Ring Of The Lotus, Symbolizes The Journey Of A Mystic
Leaving Samsara And Entering Nirvana. The Symbol Of The Lotus Represents Spiritual Rebirth.

The Roots Of The Lotus Are In The Mud, Representing The Darkness At The Beginning Of The Mystica??S Journey.
The Flower Of The Lotus Is Floating On Clear Water And Opens To The Sky,
Representing Enlightenment At The End Of The Journey.

The Inner Square:

The Square Found Inside The Mandala, Past The Inner Rings, Looks Like A Traditional Indian Temple
And Represents The Palace Of The Deity.
The Four Doors Are Often Guarded By The Lokapalas, Or The Guardians Of The Four Cardinal Directions.

The Four Doors:

Above Each Of The Four Doors Is A Torana, An Arch Held Up By Pillars.
The Pillars Are Decorated With Various Spiritual Symbols, And On Top Of The Torana Is A Golden Disk,
A Symbol Of Buddhaa??S Teachings Known As Turning The Wheel Of The Law.

The Four Triangles:

Within The Inner Square, There Are Four Triangles Created By Intersecting Diagonal Lines.
Each Of The Triangles Represents The Dhyani-Buddha Families
Of The Four Directions, North (Green), South (Yellow), East (Blue), And West (Red).
This Pendant Is Fully Silver Tone

The Number Four Is Also Representative Of Completion And Balance,
Stemming From The Four Seasons, Four Directions, And Four Elements.

The Center:

Found Where The Four Triangles Touch, The Center Of The Mandala Represents The Core Of The Universe.
This Is Where All Things Come From, And All Things Return To.

Pure Wisdom Is Found Here And Splits Into The Four Different Wisdoms Represented
By The Four Triangles In The Inner Square. The Mystic Seeks To Be One With This God; If Achieved,
He Will Achieve Reintegration Into The State Of Buddhahood.

Appropriately, The Number One Represents Unity And The Initiation Of A Process.

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