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You Will Find Many Young Boys Wearing A Black Thread (Not Supplied) With A Silver Style Pendant Of Many Shapes And Designs In Countries Like India And Pakistan. This Pendant Is Known As A Ta’Wiz, Tabiz Or Taviz. The Sacred Black Thread Holds A Very Special Significance In Hinduism And Islam. It Is Believed That Wearing The Holy Black Thread With A Silver Pendant Or Tabiz Is Very Good. The Locket Can Also Be Tied With A Red Cloth. The Pendant Contains Bhabhuti (Ashes), Sindoor (Vermilion) And Other Tantrik Items.

The Locket Holds A Very Special Significance In Islam As Well. The Tabiz Usually Contains Verses From The Quran Or Other Islamic Prayers And Symbols. Young Boys And Even Elder Men Are Seen Wearing The Taviz. Basically, Wearing A Tabiz Is An Age Old Tradition Which Has Been Practiced By Many Believers. In Many Cultures,

A New Born Boy Is First Made To Wear The Holy Tabiz. It Is Worn With The Belief That It Will Ward Off Evil And Will Also Bring Good Luck To The Wearer. It Is Said That The Tabiz Contains The Names Of Allah And His Attributes. The Tabiz Holds Various Powers And Significance In Different Cultures. For Example, It Is Said That Wearing A Tabiz Protects You From Evil And Harmful Spirits. In Many Cultures,
A Tabiz Is Also Worn To Bring Good Luck And Protect Oneself From Black Magic. Here Are Some Powers Of Wearing A Tabiz. Strong Powers Of A Tabiz Powers Of A Tabiz: Protection: This Is One Of The Strongest Powers Derived By Wearing A Taviz. It Is Believed That Wearing A Taviz Protects You From Evil, Bad Eyes, Black Magic And Also From Bad Luck. Even People Who Have Been Affected By Spirits Or Ghosts Are Given A Tabiz Which They Need To Wear For A Lifetime. Wearing A Tabiz Also Provides Protection From Black Magic.

Good Luck: Wearing A Tabiz Brings Good Luck In The Life Of The Wearer. The Tabiz Has The Power To Get Rid
Of Evil Eyes And Negative Forces. It Is Also Said That
Once You Wear This Locket, Your Bad Time Ends.
Cures Diseases: Often Priests And Maulanas Give A Special Tabiz That Can Be Worn To Cure Diseases. It Is Believed That
The Tabiz Is Very Powerful Due To The Mantras And And Verses, Which Helps In Curing Diseases And To Stay Healthy.

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