Bridget’s Cross Earrings Saint Bridget’s Cross Imbolc Wiccan Jewellery


Bridget’s Cross Earrings Saint Bridget’s Cross Imbolc Wiccan Jewellery

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This pair of earrings showcases the iconic Brigid’s Cross, a symbol steeped in Celtic tradition and linked to both the Irish goddess Brigid and the Christian Saint Brigid of Kildare.

Made from a silver-tone material, these earrings embody the classic design of Brigid’s Cross, featuring a square at the center with four radials extending outward, each ending in a detailed representation of the tied reeds found in the original craft.

The crosses measure 2.7 by 2.3 centimeters, with the earrings’ total length and width coming to approximately 4.5 centimeters and 2.2 centimeters, respectively.

They hang elegantly from fish hook wires, indicating they are both lightweight and designed for those with pierced ears.

The overall appearance is one of skilled craftsmanship, blending an appreciation for cultural heritage with contemporary jewelry design.

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