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Black tourmaline amulet

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Indulge in the unpredictable charm of our random selections, take a glimpse into the picturesque assortment.

These enigmatic pendants flaunt sizes of approximately 2cm x 1cm or 2cm x 2cm, each embracing its unique essence, handpicked in a spontaneous dance of fate.With a cord length adjustable from 20″ to 26″, our genuine raw tibetan black tourmaline gemstone pendants emerge as guardians of protection and illumination. Adorned with a brown woven cord enriched by 6 gold spin thread embellishments, these treasures boast 2 opalite beads, adding a touch of mystique.

Their raw and untouched nature, coupled with a drilled hole for mounting, echoes the earth’s endless secrets, inviting you to embrace the enigmatic.
Please keep in mind: within these gemstones, intriguing inclusions of other stones may lie, unveiling layers of mystery and depth.

Black tourmaline, once revered by ancient magicians as a shield against earthly demons, now stands as a timeless talisman, warding off negative energies and nurturing inner harmony.
In the realm of radiant energy, these crystals serve as guardians, offering protection against environmental toxins and negativity, while transmuting internal struggles into radiant positivity.

Each gemstone, forged over millennia, bears its own unique imperfections, serving as testaments to nature’s artistry. All have been reverently charged with reiki energy, cleansed and ready to embark on a journey by your side.

Embrace the beauty of the unpredictable, as each piece captures the singular essence of nature’s marvels. With each purchase, trust in our hand to select a gemstone that speaks directly to your soul, in a serendipitous encounter with destiny.

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