Ankh Toe Ring Egyptian Long Life Spiritual 925 Sterling Silver Pagan Wiccan


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925 Sterling Silver Ankh
Long Life Toe Ring
Crux Ansata Egyptian Cross Adjustable

The Ankh Is Revered In Many Spiritual Paths
In This Day. Many See The Ankh As The Pathway To Everlasting Life.
Any Who Wear It In What Ever Form Is Honouring The Gods Of Millenia

The Ankh Is Also Known As Key Of Life, The Key Of The Nile
Or Crux Ansata (Latin Meaning “Cross With A Handle”),
Was The Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Character That Read “Eternal Life”.
Egyptian Gods Are Often Portrayed Carrying It By Its Loop, Or Bearing One In Each Hand,
Arms Crossed Over Their Chest. The Symbolic Representation Of Both Physical And Eternal Life.
It Is Known As The Original Cross, Which Is A Powerful Symbol That Was First Created By
Africans In Ancient Egypt. The Ankh Is Typically Associated With Material Things Such As
Water (Which Was Believed By Egyptians To Regenerate Life), Air, Sun, As Well As With
The Gods, Who Are Frequently Pictured Carrying An Ankh. Egyptian Gods Carried The Ankh
By The Loop, Or Held One In Each Hand Crossed Over Their Breast. Latinists
Interpreted The Symbol As A Crux Ansata, “Cross With A Handle”

Your Item Is 100% Sterling Silver
And May Tarnish As All Silver Does.
It Is Well Known Silver Reacts With The Elements This May Be Caused By
Highly Acidic Perspiration Or Contact With Other Chemical Agents
Like Perfume, Makeup, Hairspray Or Cleaning Products.
The Only Metal That Does Not React Is Gold.

Ideally Remove Before Bathing Or Swimming As Standard.
This Item Is 100% As Described, Metal, Gauge,Thickness, Size Or If Your Buying
Pendants As Stated, Plated, Silver Or Base Metal.

All Body Jewellery Sold By Eclectic Shop Uk Ltd Is Suitable
For Healed Piercings Only. If You Have A Reaction To Any Of Our Piercing Goods
This Is Because Of Contamination Or Irritation When Inserting
We Accept No Responsibility For Any Infection
That Can Occur From Piercings.

We Advise You Sterilise Before You Wear And
Item A Good Clean Regularly.

We Advise You Sterilise Before You Wear And
Item A Good Clean Regularly
If Your Item Is On A Tie Cord Please Note This Is For
You The Customer To Tie And Adjust Yourself.

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