Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant Necklace Angel Aura Gemstone Wired Unisex Jewellery


Angel Aura Rainbow Raw Quartz Gemstone ION Plated Rainbow Titanium Gem Necklace Copper Wire Corded

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Discover the enchanting fusion of raw ion-plated titanium with natural quartz, delicately wrapped in pure copper wire. Each pendant is a unique masterpiece, handcrafted to suit your individual style and needs.

Adorned with the mesmerizing hues of rainbow blue, pink, and yellow, these quartz stones are plated with ion titanium for a radiant finish. Every stone boasts a distinct rainbow spectrum, creating a captivating display of colors that varies with each piece.

Capturing the essence of each pendant can be challenging, which is why we’ve meticulously photographed them in different lighting conditions to showcase their true beauty. Rest assured, the pendant you receive will exude its unique charm and character, a testament to its one-of-a-kind nature.

This pendant necklace makes a perfect gift for the modern woman, blending elegance with spiritual healing through its reiki-infused design. Set on an adjustable tie cord with a bead accent, it offers versatility and style in equal measure.

Embrace the magic of these unique creations, each measuring approximately 1.5″ x 1.5″. While the color may vary slightly due to the ion effect, the allure of these pendants remains undeniable. Allow yourself to be drawn into their enchanting world, where every pendant tells its own captivating story.

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Angel Aura Quartz Rainbow Stone Pendant Titanium Healing Bead Cord Necklace

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