Goddess Moon Goddess Pendant Necklace Pagan Boho Wiccan 18″ Curb Chain & Boxed All 925 Sterling Silver


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925 Silver Moon Goddess Pendant Pagan
Bohemian Wiccan 18″ Curb Chain Necklace Boxed
Colour Of Box May Vary.

The Moon Goddess Is An Important Deity In Many Cultures Around The World Where They Form A Central Role In Mythology.
The Moon Is Associated With The Divine Feminine As In Many Tribal Societies The Feminine Cycles Were Linked To The Phases Of The Moon.

Not All The Lunar Deities Were Female Chandra Is The God Of The Moon In Hinduism And Mani The Germanic Moon Gods Are To Examples Of This. However On This Page I Am Going To Concentrate My Attention On The Moon Goddesses.

The Moon Was Important In Ancient Calendars, Helping People To Measure Time And To Determine When The Best Time Was For Planting And Harvesting Crops. This Fertility Aspect Of The Lunar Goddess Is Reflected In Large Numbers Of The Entries Below.

The Moon And The Stars Were Also A Way That The Ancient People Navigated The Land And Seas.
Many Of The Lunar Goddesses Like Hecate And Cerridwen, Are Also Associated With Magic And The Intuitive Nature Of Women.

The Lunar Deities Are Also Very Important Archetypes In The Modern Pagan Movement And Wicca. Discover More About The Triple Moon Goddesses And Their Relationship To The Phases Of Womanhood In Wiccan Goddesses.


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Metal, Sterling Silver

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